Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 52

Captain Edwards had not slept well. He had set his coffee to brew at five am, but he had been up since three thirty. He slipped on his silk robe, and headed downstairs.
The colorful smell of coffee brewing premeated the kitchen. Shane glanced out the front window.
He did not see anyone from the media staking out his house so he slipped out the front door to walk the end of the driveway to pick up his two morning papers. After closing the front door he plopped his newspapers down in their usual spot on the table. He walked into the kitchen to pour some coffee. After sitting down at the table he noticed his hands were shaking ever so slightly. Shane decided he would read Nadia Titla’s, ‘You Are On Indian Land’ newspaper first.
He was nervous, and rightfully so. Shane knew she was pissed over the latest ruling of the
Jesse Coyote brutality nonsense.

‘He should have complied,’

Shane thought smiling.
As he opened the paper
his smugness vanished faster
than the media could vilify a
victim of police brutality.
It was if he had gone into
a trance. His face had a blank
stare, surely his eyes were
playing tricks on him. He looked again. “Oh my….” Shane said in a whisper. It was him. Officer Bob was splashed all over the front page. The picture was of Bob, lip locked with the preacher man’s son. The blonde haired, blue eyed boy, did he read that right? Seventeen years old? The caption below the picture read: ‘The beauty and the beast; Antelope Springs finest.’ Captain Shane was shaking with rage. He stood gingerly, and walked over slowly to pick up his cell phone off the kitchen counter. The phone rang several times as Shane stood just waiting with anticipation for Bob to pick up. The phone rang loudly in the small travel trailer. The ringing startled Bob. It rarely rang this early in the morning. Bob sat up grumbling half asleep. He reached for his cell phone off his cheesy looking night stand. “What?” Bob asked defiantly.
“Bob this is Shane. You have to listen to me. You have to get up, right this minute, do you hear me?” Shane said, with panic in his voice. The tone of fear made Bob sit up. He turned on his lamp. “What the hell is the matter with you?” Bob could hear Shane breathing heavily. “Bob listen to me. Run outside and get your newspapers now. Do you hear me?” Shane’s voice was shrilly now. “Hold on” Bob said, swinging his stumpy legs onto the linoleum floor. He walked outside barefoot cursing all the way to the mailbox and back. After slamming the door, Bob sat on his couch. Bob cradled his cell phone to his ear as he slid the newspaper from its plastic rain cover. He opened up his can of worms, and inhaled deeply with his eyes. “How in the hell..?” Bob’s eyes were practically bulging from their sockets. “How could you, you bastard,” Shane screamed from the receiver of Bob’s phone. “Uh, Shane, I’m sorry, damn.
What are we going to do now?”
Bob sat there rubbing the stubble of his unshaven face, as an uneasy silence began to grow.
Finally Shane said, “We?” came the hollow reply. His words echoed in Bob’s ears. “Let’s look at the front page again shall we?” A long pause ensued yet again. “Bob, I don’t see any, ‘we’ on the cover of my paper,” Shane said through clenched teeth. “Shane listen to me. You need to calm down okay?” It was Bob’s turn to feel queasy now. “Calm down? You want to hear calm Bob? Are you listening Bob?” Bob involuntarily shook his head in the affirmative. “Bob, can you hear me now?” Bob remained quiet for a moment, and was about to speak when Shane slammed the phone down hard in his ears. The day of reckoning had arrived.

The phones in City Hall rung incessantly. Antelope Springs was abuzz with accusation and innuendo. Captain Edwards had just exited the city council chambers after receiving a group tongue lashing from the city council members.
He stood in front of the elevator, waiting to ascend to the Mayor’s office. He knew he was going to be hung out to dry in the media; and then promptly fired. Local law enforcement emanated a buzz, like bees in and around the entrance of their hive. All around town people were flocking together, newspapers in hand. The media began to appear, like flies on a dead cat. At first only one news van. Then another. Before you knew it, their was a grip of trailers, satellite dishes, and people swarming everywhere. They searched out
the hickiest, crackerist, countrified folk they could find. One thing about the media, if they smelled blood in the water, one of their own would do just fine. Officer Bob had scrambled to get up and out of the trailer park before all his nosy neighbors woke up. Officer Bob took the long way to work. Meanwhile, the Pastor’s son was in seclusion in Malibu, California. The Pastor had to reluctantly meet with the various news outlets from around the country. The sorrowful Pastor was scheduled to meet with the Mayor in private after the press conference. After that he would in all likelihood be meeting in strategy with his team of lawyers. It was expected that he would be releasing a statement soon. The second wave had hit, scattering the participants. Tomorrow the third wave would come, as Nadia found herself ebbing ever closer to the Sheriff, who had now found himself in the midst of a storm of his own making.
This time tomorrow
Captain Edwards
his feet;
out to sea.

Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 53

Shane slammed the phone down, scaring
the shit out of the sleeping
officer Bob.
“Bob get your ass up, and get the hell out of my house,” Shane said, yelling from inside his walk in closet. Shane grabbed his robe storming out of his room heading down stairs. Bob sat up in the bed, dazed and slightly disoriented. “What the hell is up your ass?” Bob yelled back, scratching his belly. “Just get up, now!” Shane screamed from the living room. Bob had never seen Shane act so assertive before. Bob slipped on his house shoes, heading downstairs to find out what in the hell had Shane so riled up. Shane had been following Nadia for the last few years. He subscribed to her paper, ‘You Are On Indian Land,’ in order to keep tabs on her. He bent over to pick up the newspapers from his driveway. As he began to become upright the sound of a vehicle stopped noisily in front of his residence. It was a news van from Phoenix. Shane quickly turned up the drive, beating a hasty retreat to the confines of his custom log home. The news crew piled out of the van. Captain Edwards scrambled to his front door, barely escaping the news thirsty reporter. Shane and Bob sat at the kitchen table as the front door bell rang again and again.
Bob, who wanted to go out there and threaten bodily harm on the reporter, and his cameraman, wisely stay put. Right after of course when Shane said he would shoot Bob in his ass if he did. As Shane sat reading the scathing report on him, Bob, and other officers, he began to see the hand writing on the wall. Bob sat there, pretending to be thinking. The editor, Nadia Titla, had not not minced words in regards the lack of leadership,
and accountability of Shane’s entire department. She cited many inconsistencies, as well as featuring interviews of several victims. All had filed lawsuits. Most had settled, but a few were pending. Ms. Titla was linking local law enforcement to a clear pattern of abuse in the native community. The latest victim, Jesse Coyote stood looking at them with his broken arm in a sling, seemingly staring at the two men from the pages of perdition. Shane and Bob were doing their best to calm down, as they had just went nose to nose in a screaming contest. The fact that the Mayor had called Shane had quickly ended the match, helping them to sober up to the present reality they now faced. They sat quietly drinking coffee as it now began to dawn on them the gravity of their predicament. Shane wasn’t so sure he could spin a story to whitewash his way out of this.
His self assured confidence was shaken. Bob’s wreck of a car was parked on the curb in front of his residence. They needed to separate, and put some distance between themselves. Bob slowly moved the curtain of the front window. The news crew stood loitering near his car. Shane looked out the window too. “Damn,” was all he could manage. Shane closed the curtain. He slumped down on the couch dejected. Shane knew in his heart it was over for him, for Bob, his career. Rubbed out. Finished. Shane didn’t give a care about Bob. As far as he was concerned it was mostly Bob’s inability to adapt to change that finally sealed their fate. Shane’s only concern now was to try and salvage his reputation, if possible. That was the beauty of America. You could screw up, wait a little while, hire a public relations firm, move to different city, and presto, new job, new career. He was white, professional, and articulate after all, what did he have to fear? Bob finished his coffee, walking to the living room to again look out the window. The news van was gone. Without notice the camera crew had packed it up, and vacated the area. Bob wasted no time, making a hasty departure to his has been luxury car, without a word. Shane watched as Bob drove away. He angrily returned the curtains to its place. He made a few phone calls, and then took a quick shower. He forwarded all his calls to his office. Forty five minutes later he sat at his desk, fielding calls, and trying to deflect as many detractors as he could. As the morning progressed, it was becoming more apparent that his once secure schooner which had sailed along by the prevailing white winds of his world; had now lost its tailwind, and was losing steam rapidly. Little did he realize that tomorrow his boat would hit the rocks, only to be hung up, and smashed into bite size pieces of flotsam; by the relentless crashing waves of karmic redress. Turns out; payback often does involve a female canine that bites.

Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 54

Nadia sat alone at her desk. With the exception of her green desk lamp, and the mesmerizing white light eminating from her laptop,
it was darkish in her small office. Her three friends had all left to
get some sleep. All of them were concerned for their personal safety. Dwayne had reminded
her to set the alarm, and check
the doors and windows. ‘How odd to be more concerned about the police, either assaulting you or killing you, then the so called criminal element.’ Nadia dismissed those thoughts for the time being, as she pushed to put the final touches on the third and final installment of her expose’.
Sonny Ray’s picture dominated the front page. Standing somber he stood tall with his muscular torso, as he held his faded blue jean shirt open; exposing the left side of his rib cage which was swollen, purple,
and blackened. He also had received a gash that had divided his left eyebrow; like an invisible border in nations of one people.
The recovery of the silver bracelet however, was the proof that this assault had actually occurred. That and the DNA of officer Bob’s blood recovered from both the bracelet, and Sonny Ray’s clothing.
Video would have been more damning, but Nadia knew that this third piece of the puzzle would be more than enough to show these two so called good cops,
the proverbial door.
She sat listening to the news,
as a wild haired politician spoke of greedom, that is, freedom. Nadia thought the words, ‘indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all,’ was just a tad fucking sketchy, and as such; considered it just to be one of
the countries many heirlooms of hypocrisy. Nadia contemplated. She yawned, and stretched. She stood wearily, and closed her laptop. She decided to get some rest. Tomorrow was going to be interesting to say the least.

Four hours later Nadia was abruptly awakened to this….

“Nadia, wake up. Do you hear me? Nadia wake your ass up,” Natalia barked into the intercom. “Uhh, what, who is this?” Nadia asked softly from sleepy land. “Nadia, this is Natalia. Please get your flat ass up, and open the door right now. And mami don’t forget to shut off that loud ass security system of yours,” Miss New York asked sweetly.
Nadia sat up slowly. After a moment she let her annoyingly zealous east coast friend in. After making coffee Natalia sat with her editor discussing the strategy for the day. Soon the phones began to sing. Nadia took a shower as Natalia volunteered to cook breakfast.
Natalia had called Dwayne. He, and his ever hungry friend Sonny Ray were in route. Soon the foursome sat eating, joking and discussing a few options, in the event officer Bob wasn’t apprehended before the town meeting.
As the morning wore on, the facts began to filter through to the shell shocked community of Antelope Springs. The ax was reluctantly ordered to be sharpened. The Mayor, and the City council had met in a special early morning session. This was generally only done during an emergency session, as it pertained to deciding upon the planned route for an evacuation during fire season. Naturally people in the community began to gather at City Hall, wanting answers, and inadvertently they began rubbing shoulders with the local, and global media outlets, known for weaving finely constructed tales; zombie like fantasies for those inclined to feast upon mindless calories. Someone in City Hall had leaked to the media of the special morning session, so they were setting up, jostling with their competition for the best spot to film, and be noticed for a question or two. Though an official announcement would be given the following day, no one wanted to be caught slipping, so the vigil was on.

The following morning the scheduled announcement was delivered.

In the face of overwhelming public opinion, the relentless scrutiny of the media; and of course lastly, the actual misconduct of the two police officers, the Mayor, Morton Meekham asked for the resignation of Captain Shane Edwards. He would plead on an obstruction charge in order to have several other charges dropped. He would keep his pension, receive a letter of recommendation one year from his resignation. If you factor in the plus or minus five percentage points for blanco privilege, this would generally result in the mandatory probation scenario, and just a great inconvenience to Shane’s life.
Officer Bob, on the other hand was in deep shit. When Bob was apprehended, he was done. Badge, gun, career over. After formal charges, he was to then be arrested for assault, of a private citizen under the color of office. There were several other charges pending from previous assaults, including Dwayne’s cousin. And last but not least, the ill advised tryst with the blonde teenager. This charge was being hard pressed by the Pastor, whose son of course was photographed receiving mucho tongue from officer Bob. The hollow legged media spent the day as journalistic bounty hunter’s, in search of the elusive officer Bob. He had not been seen nor heard from since yesterday morning. Bob had not called into the police station, and was considered
A.W.O.L. .
However, at this point in time it mattered little.

“Cheers.” Dwayne clinked a plastic cup of ginger ale with his three friends. The two men had left the champagne at Dwayne’s house, thus the shift in libations. Nadia smiled at Dwayne. “Cheers to you Dwayne Notah, and thank you, for everything,” Nadia said quietly, clinking plastic cups with Dwayne. Before Dwayne could respond Nadia stepped forward, and slowly gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Oh, thank you,” Dwayne said stammering. Natalia and Sonny Ray stood smiling at their friends.
Sonny Ray would see officer Bob for the first time since the assault. Natalia was now busy taking care of the morning dishes. Nadia and Dwayne were involved in a hush of a conversation, so naturally Sonny Ray slipped out the back door to partake of some herbal refreshment. In less than three minutes Dwayne sat on the other end of the porch with Sonny Ray. The two men sat quietly practicing the long standing intertribal tradition of puff, puff, pass. “Hell of a day my friend,” Dwayne said finally. Sonny Ray blew out a really long stream of smoky colored cream, and then passed it to Dwayne. “Yeah it was kind of cool right? I never expected Andy Warhol to visit me here in Arizona though,” Sonny Ray said. “Yeah well fifteen minutes is better than nothing I suppose. By the way, are you concerned about tomorrow bro?” Dwayne asked.
“Yeah, a little, but I figure his pride is telling him to make a showing, but I don’t know if he has the balls to even show up at the town hall meeting on friday, he knows their hunting him, I figure the cops will catch up with him tonight, but it’s hard to tell with officer Bob.” Sonny Ray looked at Dwayne and started laughing. “What?” Dwayne said smiling even harder now. “Bro you haven’t stopped smiling since we got here, you know that right?”
“Whatever Sonny Ray,”
Dwayne said, feigning to be offended. Sonny Ray passed the cannabis back to Dwayne.
Dwayne inhaled a little more than usual, and broke out into an impromptu strawberry cough fest. Sonny Ray fell out laughing. He stood up and looked down at Dwayne who remained sitting. “Dwayne, I haven’t known you very long but I do know one thing; you my friend are in love,” Sonny Ray said quietly as he turned the door knob to go inside. “Sonny Ray where are you going?” Sonny Ray looked back at him, smiled and said, “Bro, I’m kind of hungry.” Dwayne gave Sonny Ray an incredulous look. He was about to cap on his friend when Sonny Ray closed the door. Dwayne inhaled slowly, and sat quietly. He knew it was true, he was falling in love. But his mind had not as of yet been able to fully process this exhilarating feeling. He stood up and headed inside, anxious to see Nadia for some reason.

The black eagle sat atop a five hundred year old ponderosa pine. The mighty tree stood alone, located on the edge of a large open field of purple lupine, and lush green grasses. Hummingbirds buzzed about, keeping the wheel of it’s world in perfect balance; and splendor. People had come and gone through generations of time, but the tree remained.
Blacktail deer, and elk were
often seen feeding there.
The black eagle dream
sat on high; observing
four humans.
As complicated, and challenging as life was for these fragile creatures; the black eagle dream instinctually knew it’s assignment; as it had rested for millennia; upon the arm of a mighty spirit messenger in heavenly places.
As an oft used emissary, it would now remain as constant companion to Sonny Ray Keali’iwahamana; for to him it was to be revealed the decree, of the
black eagle dream.

Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 55

It was just a few ticks past midnight. Bob had spent the afternoon drinking, and had put a real dent in this newest bottle of whiskey. Empty beer cans, and a shot glass were his only companions.
Bob had thrown his army footlocker, and a few medium sized boxes into the trunk of his car earlier in the day. Bob now sat at the little dinette table engaged in a full on pity party. He had placed his service revolver on the table next to his badge. He had put his big hog on the front seat still wrapped in the oily rag a few minutes ago. Bob sat lamenting the one constant in this equation, and that was the fact that he should of listened.
Shane had warned him many times about wearing the bracelet on duty. More importantly Shane had pleaded with him to leave the native community alone. Right now though, Bob could give a shit about that. He flipped his cigarette butt out the wide open door of the travel trailer. He glanced out the back window, looking at the alfalfa field. The farmer had to pick up the remainder of the large rolls in the next day or two. Six hours earlier, the skyline had been an earthy fire red, as the darkness marched time; allowing the fire to dance across the horizon; transforming as a mirage like mural; one that slowly melted away into the darkening amphitheater of the Arizona skies.

To Bob, it was just another day.

He scanned the tree line through blood shot eyes. Bob had gotten careless. ‘Notah, and his damn harwaiian friend had gotten over big time.’ That thought continued to run in his mind over and over again. He drank another shot. The whiskey burned as it went down, causing what little reasonableness he possessed, to flee the scene.
The local police had dialed down the search. To a man they all knew where he was. They had no intention of arresting him, but they played the role to pacify their community constituents,
and to remain committed to the continuous nationwide facade of transparency. They had a few feds posted up, but they were too busy shopping for gifts for their wives, and their various girlfriends in this country or that city. Bob would only be apprehended if he stayed in town much longer. He knew he had to make a move. He had to sober up. He had to talk to Shane. He to make room in the trunk of his car for some supplies. This was war.

Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 56

Captain Edwards had just about finished cleaning out his desk. He had taken down his various awards from the paneled walls of his spacious office. The dusty shadows left by the many framed certificates reminded him of Hiroshima, Japan for some reason. He recalled having seen a book filled with the images of devastation; that had been thrust upon the Japanese people. The blast delivered upon the civilian population was so powerful that it captured the shadows of inanimate objects, and cast them upon the ground for the world to see. Shane felt downcast himself. An atomic bomb had landed on his world, and his life had been laid bare for the entire country to see. He finished packing his boxes, and began to load them up in his jeep. After loading the last box, he locked his vehicle. He was returning to his office to retrieve his laptop, and several files, when Bob stepped out of the shadows of the now empty, and quiet parking lot. “Shane, it’s me Bob.” Shane stood at the rear of his vehicle waiting for Bob. Shane initially was startled, but as Bob came closer Shane could feel his blood pressure rising. Shane could smell the whiskey on his breath as Bob stood in the parking lot. “Shane, I, I fucked up, I can’t believe this is happening to us.” Bob was at a loss for words. Shane looked down, shaking his head slowly. “Bob I have been telling you for sometime now to leave the natives alone, but hell now your own want your head on a platter, and I don’t blame them,” Shane said bitterly. Bob nodded, silently acknowledging the rightfulness of his words. An awkward quiet ensued. “So where are you headed?” Bob finally asked. “I have a sister in Oregon, and she has a spare room so I think I’ll go there for awhile until I get things straightened out,” Shane said, his words trailing away. “So what about you Bob, what are your plans?” Sadness was laced in his voice. “I don’t rightly know at the moment. I hear Texas or Missouri are always looking for experienced cops, but I haven’t made up my mind,” Bob said. “Well whatever you decide I would appreciate that you not cause anymore problems for me. I agreed with Mayor Meekham, and the City council to speak at their town hall meeting tomorrow in exchange for a more lenient outcome, so don’t fuck this up for me Bob,” Shane said bluntly. Bob was sobering up to the moment. “Well, by god if that’s how you feel, I’ll just head home, and be on my way first thing in the morning. Before I go though I want to give you something.” Bob pulled out his service revolver. Shane turned two shades whiter than he already was. Bob saw the fear in his eyes. “Relax Shane. ” Bob handed him the pistol. Bob fumbled in his jacket pocket. He pulled out his badge and handed it to Shane. “Oh, before I forget, I have some of your things from the house.” Shane opened the passenger door of his vehicle. He produced a medium size box and handed it to Bob. “Well I guess this is it then,” Bob said, holding the box. “I guess so,” Shane said curtly. Bob turned without a word, walking away into the darkness, leaving Shane to stand there alone in the cold evening of night.

Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 57

Sonny Ray finally had gotten off his cell phone. And it was good he did.
He was in the red at eight percent, and fading fast. Nikko and little Raye had engaged him for over an hour and a half. He was coming home tomorrow.
Sonny Ray had decided he would drive back to Las Vegas. The freeway system had improved dramatically over the last several years. This monstrous marvel of modern engineering; was a bridge that bypassed Hoover Dam, and shaved a bunch of time off the drive from Vegas to Tucson. It would of course be a short drive from Antelope Springs to Las Vegas; especially the way
Sonny Ray was known for driving.
Their house in Las Vegas began to reflect a family in full moving mode. Nikko had been a busy lady. Sonny Ray was excited to get home. It was late. Sonny Ray had taken a shower, and was relaxing in the guest room. Dwayne had run over to check on his grandmother. She had made some food for Dwayne, and his friend. Dwayne had taken him to a more remote part of the rez, where his grandmother lived alone, in a traditional hogan. She had never met someone from Hawaii before. Her and Sonny Ray had hit it off immediately. She had many questions, and he fell in love with her frybread. Sonny Ray had promised her he would bring poi for her to try. She had smiled, nodding in approval. He had repeatedly assured her it was very good.
“Uh, that’s bullshit,” Dwayne had said with a muffled voice, pretending to cough. All three stood looking at eachother smiling enthusiastically. Dwayne and Sonny Ray decided to take a short walk from his grandma’s hogan. Dwayne took Sonny Ray to the edge of a large ravine. It was Dwayne’s favorite place as kid to watch an Arizona sunset. After visiting for another forty five minutes, the two men said goodbye, and headed home; anxious to partake of some cannabis, hot showers, and warm beds.

As Sonny Ray lay in bed listening to his hawaiian playlist on his phone, he could hear Dwayne singing loudly. He was happy for Dwayne. You could see it in the way he carried himself when Nadia was around. Sonny Ray brushed his hair into a ponytail. It had to be around one thirty in the morning now. Sonny put his cell phone on it’s charger. He slid his knife under the pillow, and laid down to get a few hours of sleep. He could hear Dwayne singing off key as he fell off into a deep sleep.

Tonight he would dream
dreams of the black eagle dream. And although it might on the outside; appear to be a night of diminutive duration; the dreams he would see would arrive; traveling at the speed of light.

The following morning Sonny Ray was up early as usual. He loved the quiet of Dwayne’s mountain home. He loved the beginning of a new day. He walked out back to retrieve some kindling, and a few pieces of pine that Dwayne had chopped a couple of days ago. Dwayne had a small honeycomb wood burning fireplace in a corner of the dining area. Sonny Ray wanted to warm the house a little. The air outside was cool and crisp. A few stars lingered in the sky. The black eagle was on his mind. He had liked the way it felt when the large creature had rested on his gloved hand.
It felt like an extension of his own power.
Sonny Ray walked down the stairs that lead out back to a small structure where Dwayne would cut and stack firewood. It had a pitched roof and a back, but no side walls or front door. It kept the rain and snow off for the most part. Dwayne had several heavy canvas tarps as well. He gathered up what wood he needed and headed back up to the house. As he approached the stairs, two fluffed up male sparrows sat on the wood side railing. He smiled. They chirped excitedly as he approached. Sonny Ray decided to see if they would come to him. Sonny Ray stood quietly, and composed himself. He felt calm, and at ease. He slowly raised his arm, and as he did, they leapt from the railing energetically, and instantly they were hovering above his arm, waiting for him to stop shaking and offer a stable landing pad. Sonny Ray finally corralled his adrenaline. The two senior male sparrows settled on his arm. “Good morning gents, and how are we today?” Sonny Ray said, pretending this was an everyday occurrence. The two sparrows conversed briefly, and then turned their attention to the black eagle’s human companion. Dwayne could hear Sonny Ray’s voice. “Hey Sonny Ray who you talking to?” “Well gentleman, I bid you adieu, and fare well may you be,” Sonny Ray said grinning. He wasn’t sure that made any sense, but it sounded good.
He lifted up his hand and they flew away; returning to their clan. Sonny Ray picked up his bucket, and opened the screen door to find Dwayne sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. “You ready for a cup?” Dwayne asked as he stood up. “Yes sir,” Sonny Ray replied. Sonny Ray started the kindling, and placed a small piece of pine pitch wood on top. Soon the pine began to crackle and pop, as the warmth spread gradually in the room. He sat down for the ritualistic pleasure of a caffeine fix. The men drank their coffee in an eased silence. “So are you all packed up?” “Yeah pretty much,” Sonny Ray replied. A knock came at the back door. Both men turned.
It was rare for anyone to come to Dwayne’s home this early in the morning. “Hello in there,” a familiar voice called out. Dwayne walked toward the back door. “Oh hey, what are, uh, oh come in, come in,” Dwayne said, completely surprised. He held open the screen door, as Nadia and Natalia walked in, each with a bag of groceries in tow. “Good morning boys,” Natalia said with a smile. After putting the bags on the kitchen counter they put their beaded courier bags, and jackets on the couch. “We wanted to express our appreciation for you two helping us in breaking the choke hold of the soon to be former Sheriff, and his maniac deputy, besides neither one of you cook very well so…,” the four friends looked at eachother, and began to smile, and then the laughter ensued. Everyone was in a celebratory mood. In time fresh coffee brewed. The girls cooked up some omelets, turkey bacon, toast, juice, hashbrowns, and freshly cut fruit. Sonny Ray even talked Natalia into making him some pancakes. Soon they all sat stuffed. Dwayne and Nadia poured another cup of coffee, and decided to go out on the back deck to talk. Natalia looked at Sonny Ray. First on one side of his head, and then on the other. “What, what’s wrong, what you got to say smarty pants?” Sonny Ray fired off the first volley. Natalia smiled slowly. “You know your going on tv today right?” Natalia asked, preparing to cap on Sonny Ray. “Yeah I know, and?” He was playfully goading her now.
“Bro you need to do something with them hawaiian curls of yours cause right now you look a hot mess, for real,” Natalia concluded. “Oh is that right?” Sonny Ray asked, defiant now. Natalia nodded in the affirmative, smiling sweetly, well sort of, more of a sneering type sweetness if you will. Sonny Ray took off his bandana. “What you like do?” he said with some thick hawaiian pidgin. “Sit,” she commanded. Natalia laughed, as pointed downward for him to sit in the black leather dining chair. She walked to the bathroom to get a brush and some light hair oil. In no time she brushed his hair into a thick single braided ponytail. They had a few hours before the press conference would start.
After they cleaned up the kitchen, it was decided that they would hang out at Nadia’s office. Wes had called Nadia earlier from nearby Williams to tell her that someone had fire bombed his barn last night. He lost a horse, and several farm animals, and an old tractor with a gannon box on it. He was concerned for them. Nadia assured him that they were prepared for whatever; passivity was no longer an option or forethought.
It was a call to action.
The tide had begun to turn; in favor of the home team. Mascots need not apply.

Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 58

Bob stood staring at himself in the bathroom mirror. He had not shaved in several days. His eyes were beyond bloodshot. Bob had perhaps four hours of sleep in the last day and a half. A cigarette hung from his mouth. He had to close one eye as smoke was stinging it unmercifully shut. He grabbed it from his mouth, and tossed it in the toilet. As a human being,

Bob felt like he could not breathe.

He returned to sit at his dinette table. He poured another shot of whiskey but did not drink it. His whole world had collapsed, taken down and away, just like that.
He reached for the shot of whisky and threw it back nonchalantly. However, as he sat in his tiny travel trailer his anger had continued to toss and roll. Like a man atop an over turned raft riding giant waves in a dark storm, Bob remained captive to his foamy seething; to his unrelenting animosity. He had no intention of attending the press conference. Moreover, Bob had told Shane he would not. He had promised
Shane he would leave town, but
this feeling; this desperate feeling of being powerless, overwhelmed him. Between Dwayne Notah, and that Sonny Ray what’s his name, he simply could not accept the fact that he had been done in by a couple of minorities. It was a feeling he was neither familiar
with, nor comfortable to have
to acknowledge.

It briefly crossed his mind
as to how it must have felt;

to be one of them.

He instinctively, and with little to no effort, dismissed that impossibility from his mind.
After all, he was an American, this was his country, there was an order of things; a predetermined course that had been plotted out centuries ago by his forefathers. This was a way of life designed for men like him. To thrive, to succeed. By god, this was as far as it was going to go. He had been pushed around long enough. Bob was going to that damn press conference. He was going to shoot that big harwaiian, and that damn Notah too. And if he could kill that Apache trouble maker Nadia, and her smart ass Puerto Rican friend, he’d get them too.
As he slammed the door of his trailer palace for the last time,
Bob vowed never
to watch
another seventies
rerun of
Harwaii 5-0,
as long as he lived.

The Mayor sat at his desk reading over his speech for the impending press conference. However, like any good politician worth his salt, he would have to get some mirror time. He had a luxurious private bathroom to practice for the next fifteen minutes or so. The media had set up finally. More of the local citizenry began to work their way into the growing crowd. In a half hour the Mayor would deliver perhaps one of the most crucial speeches of his political career.
The Mayor, wanted this controversy to go away as quickly, and expeditiously as possible. They were already dealing with two new incidents of senseless gunplay;
one at a place of higher learning,
and another in a once quiet neighborhood. So this mess, had to be resolved pronto.
Mayor Meekham was peeved when he got wind that local enforcement had loosed the net on their former colleague. ‘What in the hell are they thinking?’ The Mayor wondered. He knew many of his cops liked Bob, but Bob was now officially a fugitive. The Mayor, gave Captain Darren Wilcox, the interim Chief of Police position until further notice. The Mayor was understanding about the whole thin blue line thing, but he wanted extra uniforms at the press conference in the event Bob was ignorant enough to show his face. Truthfully the Mayor didn’t believe Bob would show, but he wanted a show of force for all the media to see.
He expected many of the familiar members of the various indigenous nations of this region to be present. He knew various bands of the Apache, would be right up front. The Dine’, would be represented, the Hopi people, as well as those from the Zuni nation, and the Paiute people would also be there. All them had members who had been brutalized by former officer, Bob Fritz. Mayor Meekham was concerned that things could get ugly. He thought it prudent to ask the various nations to send members of the tribal police to assist with crowd control. It was almost time for the press conference. The Mayor looked down at his cell phone. He tossed his phone on his desk. A buzz came from his secretary. “Yes?”
“Captain Edwards is here
Mr. Mayor,” his secretary replied. “Send him in Rachel,” Mayor Meekham replied. It was the last time he would be called captain in the small town of Antelope Springs.

Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 59

The indigenous foursome stood among the throngs of people who had gathered at the bottom of the stairs. The media was as thick as thieves, as they stood at the ready; waiting for the show to begin.
The outdoor courtyard was spacious, and peaceful with lots of trees and flowers. The sounds of police dispatch could be heard reverberating through this newly created panic zone by several hand held radio’s blaring. The police set up barricades, and posted up officers at various exits.
The police had cordoned off the area as people continued to stream through the grandiose atrium, and out into the open courtyard of city hall. The Mayor was due to speak anytime now. Many in the crowd looked around nervously. The last time these white folks had seen this many native people in one place it was down in Phoenix; at the football game, when the not your mascot movement,
was protesting the racist imagery of the Washington football team.

The small group stood anxiously. Sonny Ray overheard an older
white gentleman claiming to be part Cherokee. If he heard that one more time today, he swore he would ram his finger down his throat, and throw up on somebody’s shoes. Nadia had just gotten off the phone with her cousin Greg, who worked in the records division of the Antelope Springs police department. Greg soon appeared, standing at the top of the stairs. He waved the party of four up. Greg had found a spot behind the podium, out of the view of the Mayor and Captain Shane. They did however, receive several nasty looks from City Council members, who were sitting down in comfortable chairs under a large white gazebo. After settling in, Sonny Ray and Dwayne began to scan the crowd in the event Bob might make an unannounced appearance. The two large wood doors from the back of City hall suddenly swung open. Several burly cops lead the way. Mayor Meekham with Captain Shane in tow, made their way to the podium. The Mayor, speech in hand stood quietly in front of the large crowd. He waited for the crowd to settle down a bit. He nodded at several people. With a nod, he acknowledged the city council as well. In his peripheral vision he spotted Nadia, and her group.
He ignored her, and turned back toward the large crowd. “I would like to ask the members of the media to reserve their questions until the conclusion of this press conference, thank you,” Mayor Meekham asked with a strained tone of civility. He had no intention of fielding their damn idiotic questions. He paused for a moment. “Good morning.”
A smattering of greetings could be heard in return from the crowd. “Today is an inauspicious day for the city of Antelope Springs, and for Arizona as well. As most of you have heard a great controversy has come to our community. Much like the recent forest fires, everyone is being touched by this unfortunate turn of events.” The Mayor looked involuntarily at Nadia. She returned his gaze, firm. “I have agreed to speak in behalf of Mr. Edwards. If by chance he decides to expound on anything later, that will be at his discretion. However, today’s announcement will be final, and without prejudice. First I want to state that the sexual preferences of officer Edwards, and officer Fritz are not the issue.” Shane stood quietly, displaying as much contrition as humanly possible. He knew he had dodged some major charges. “The actions taken by my office are as a result of police misconduct, namely assault under the color of office; namely to carry out unlawful and willful acts of violence and coercion against several citizens of the various Native American communities. Many charges are pending, as my office is waiting on the city prosecutor to finalize his assessment of the many charges presently leveled against these now, former police officers. “Spoken like a man selling ocean front property in Nevada,” Natalia whispered in Nadia’s ear. An incidental smile crossed Nadia’s face as she listened intently to each word the mayor spoke. “Regardless of what others have reported on in the community, this office has deemed these charges to be both credible and believable. I wish to announce that in addition to terminating the employment of officer Bob Fritz, I have issued a warrant for his arrest.” Mayor Meekham had issued the warrant late last week, but didn’t want this PR opportunity to pass him by. The large crowd erupted with clapping and cheering; mostly by those in the native community. “Hey Mayor, I think that lip lock officer Bob had on the pastor’s son seemed pretty
damn credible, and believable to us,” a tall native man in the crowd offered. The crowd erupted with laughter, getting a little Ronda rowdy now. The Mayor raised his hand in an attempt to regain the attention of the crowd. The mayor continued, “I would also like to announce that I have accepted the resignation of Captain Shane Edwards.” The large crowd went quiet; and then started up with the bullshit chant. “Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit,” as the collective voice began to rise. This went on for several moments. The mayor attempted to get their attention by raising his hand once again, but the crowd wasn’t having it. “Bullshit bullshit, bullshit,” they chanted, over and over again. Non native folks in the crowd started looking for the exits. The mayor made several attempts to quiet the crowd but they could not be reined in until they had had their say; as they continued to make known their displeasure. Nadia had not planned to, but stepped forward, and urged the crowd to let the mayor conclude. The mayor who despised Nadia, turned with a pretentious nod of appreciation. “The trust of our community is at stake here. It is my hope that we can put to rest this whole sordid affair, and move forward in our separate but equal communities,” the mayor declared, like a man who knew he was up for reelection soon. The volume of the crowd continued to rise. The police encircled the mayor who decided it best to take his leave. The majority of Antelope Springs police flanked the mayor, as the various tribal police created a rear buffer for the departing mayor. The remainder of the Antelope Springs cops escorted the entire city council back to their chambers. The major outlets were furious. Reporters scrambled in protest, screaming foul. Nadia smiled. Dwayne put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. Natalia rolled her eyes. “Separate but equal my ass,” Natalia said to no one in particular. Something overhead caught the attention of Sonny Ray. It was the large black eagle circling high above the crowd, observing.
With Mayor Meekham, and Shane out of the picture, many began to trickle out of the large courtyard. Small groups began to form. Conversations continued as several custodians appeared, stacking chairs, and a doing a general clean up. A custodian pushing a large wheeled grey garbage can approached the podium. After unplugging the microphone he stood up and began rolling up the black microphone cable.
He slowly looked in the direction of Nadia and her three friends who were engaged in a celebratory conversation. Sonny Ray felt eyes on him. He looked around instinctively, finally turning in the direction of the podium, as his eyes met the hate filled eyes of Bob. Though inebriated, Bob shoved his hand in the large garbage can finding the pistol grip of his large hand held cannon. He shoved the garbage can aside, and stepped forward. Twelve to fifteen feet separated Bob from doing what he came here to do. Without looking around Sonny Ray grabbed Dwayne’s arm. “Dwayne move, go,” Sonny Ray said, nudging his friend. Dwayne looked up and saw Bob. He turned toward Nadia and Natalia. “Time to go ladies,” as he quickly turned the women to escape. Dwayne wondered if Bob had found out, and was now going to shoot him in the back of his head as he ran with his two friends seeking cover. Sonny Ray put his hands up, and stood as calmly as humanly possible. Bob had every intention of killing the two men, and two women; but for whatever reason he had become fixated on Sonny Ray. As Dwayne took his two friends to safety, the crowd saw Bob and his large pistol, and people began to scatter in a panic. There were only two native cops in the courtyard, one a rookie, the other a young man who was just their as ride along from the local high school. The rookie cop drew his weapon and waited. Dwayne had quickly alerted the native rookie cop not to shoot. Bob suddenly raised his pistol and pointed it at Sonny Ray, center mass. “You cost me my job you son of a bitch,” Bob screamed. His words were slurred; but his bitter intent came through loud and clear. “Do you hear me harwaiian trash? I’m going to kill your sorry coconut ass,” Bob bellowed, struggling to string a few words together. Sonny Ray knew what the plan was; but he was very much afraid. He could see the maniacal eyes glaring keenly in his direction. Bob blinked once, and pulled the trigger.

Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 60

Sonny Ray heard the metallic click of the large and ominous firearm. Everyone had expected a loud explosion, and flames to protrude from the end of the long barrel of death.
Instead, a small pop was distinctly heard as a small white flag extended slowly from the end of the barrel. The word ‘bang’ was printed on both sides of the flag; along with large exclamation points. Everyone who witnessed it was momentarily stunned. Especially Bob. He stood there, with the pistol still extended out away from his body.
Slowly he lowered the weapon.
Sonny Ray boyishly began to smile. Dwayne approached Sonny Ray, smiling, but with a melange of anxiety, and relief on his face.
They had pulled it off.
It was over.
The media, having been left high and dry by the mayor of Antelope Springs, ended up being at the right place at the right time. The flash of many cameras continued, blinding Bob momentarily.
All the major networks had filmed the entire incident. This would indeed hit the Internet, and would go viral worldwide overnight.
The native rookie policeman had holstered his service weapon, and approached Bob. He was in a drunken haze, and offered little resistance as the rookie cop removed the fraudulent .357 handgun from Bob’s grasp. Bob continued to stare at Sonny Ray. Bob though was not quite ready to quit. Bob, in a McGiver like moment, slipped a coin from his pocket, and threw it down in the general direction of Dwayne and his three friends. It began to roll, and arrested the attention of everyone. Bob bent down slightly pulling his pant leg up over his right cowboy boot. His small hand found the .38 caliber pistol. After shoving the rookie cop, Bob stood erect with renewed vigor. He charged the indigenous foursome hell bent on killing them all. He lurched forward pulling the trigger. The sounds of a cap gun could be heard. Bob continued to pull the trigger. Six times he pulled the trigger.


Sonny Ray and his friends had instinctively crouched, and then scattered when they saw the second pistol. The commotion was unsettling.
Bob stood in shocked silence. “How, did, you, you,” was all the former cop could manage.

Greg, Nadia’s cousin had crossed paths with Bob a few days earlier. Bob, with the assistance of several police officer friends, had slipped into the service elevator in order to go undetected. He arrived quickly to the lower levels, and obtained access to police files as well as to all closed cases. Greg, had received a call thirty minutes prior, and was instructed by the desk Sargeant that he was going to have a visitor to the records department. He was instructed to fully cooperate, and keep quiet about said visitor.
Greg figured he was there to remove incriminating evidence. Greg insisted though; that before he would allow Bob to look at any files he would first have to check his .38 pistol at the door. Bob thought nothing of it as he wanted to get what he wanted, and get the hell out of there. While Bob had hurriedly looked for files, Greg had taken the pistol to his desk. After sitting down he continued to watch Bob as he quietly unloaded the hollow point rounds of the .38 police revolver. He replaced them with blanks. He then put in on top of his desk, and waited. After ten minutes or so Bob walked the narrow hall where Greg sat waiting. Bob had a few files in hand. “I’ll need you to sign for those,” Greg stated, ignoring his standing orders. Without a word Bob approached Greg. He reached for his pistol. After opening the cylinder Bob glanced at it to ensure all six rounds were there. He closed the cylinder. He pointed the pistol at Greg. Greg didn’t move an inch as Bob had placed the barrel of the gun against his forehead. “Where did you want me to sign you filthy native scum?” Greg said nothing as Bob lowered his pistol. After putting it back in the holster he adjusted his pant leg. He glared murderously at Greg before turning to leave.

Greg now stood next to his cousin Nadia. Dwayne looked at Nadia. “How did you know about the .38 in his boot?” Dwayne asked Nadia. “My cousin Greg, he had heard through the thin blue line grapevine that Bob was going to try and hijack his employment files, and several files of those he had assaulted over the past several years,” Nadia exclaimed.

“Everyone in the Antelope Springs police department knew Bob carried an unregistered pistol, including me,” Greg said with a smile.
Bob stood a short distance away. with his head lowered at half staff. He looked like he just lost his mma championship belt. The native rookie policeman, not accustomed to the Jack Ruby like performance, regained his composure placing Bob under arrest. The media continued to encircle Bob, microphones jutting at his face like phallic symbols. Bob was guaranteed atleast a half hour of short lived fame, opposed to the standard fifteen minutes. He had earned it with that performance. As the native cops escorted him to the cruiser, an informal gauntlet of his indigenous neighbors stood looking curiously at him. Sonny Ray and Dwayne stood across from eachother as the cops escorted Bob down the middle of the small crowd. Both men slowly reached out and touched the shoulders of Bob, counting an intertribal coup upon their enemy. Bob naturally flinched, thinking them to do him harm. All the people from various nations followed suit. He was not harmed because he was not worthy of such a memorable ending.

Bob was no warrior.

He was a coward who hid behind a badge. Without the badge, he was nothing; just a sad human being who lived in a diminutive world of his own making. Bob sat in the back seat of the cruiser, his forehead against the window; staring out into the mostly indigenous crowd. He was confused, stunned. Bob had expected to be possibly killed, and at the very least beaten badly for his attempts to murder four people. They had every right to get after him, but they didn’t. Bob for the life of him, could not understand why.

His humiliation was complete.

As Bob continued to stare, the lights of the cruiser, and siren were turned on, as he began the short journey to jail. After an hour and a half of being interviewed the foursome, along with Greg, and some other friends, caravanned to Dwayne’s house to celebrate.
Tomorrow Sonny Ray would hit the road, bound for Las Vegas.

The following morning Sonny Ray, and Dwayne shared a cup of coffee.
After gathering his two bags the two men headed downstairs. Sonny Ray closed the trunk of the rental.
“Here you go,” Dwayne said handing his friend a brown paper bag. “What’s this?” “My grandmother made you some lunch, you know for the road,” Dwayne said, feeling slightly sad.
“Thanks cuz,” Sonny Ray replied. The two men shook hands, leaning in patting eachother on the shoulder.
“Call me when you get to Vegas. Nadia made me promise her that. We all want to know you got home safe,” Dwayne said, tapping the top of the car. “I will.” Sonny Ray began to slowly roll away. “Hey Sonny Ray, ” Dwayne called out. Sonny Ray braked, and looked back at Dwayne. “You better hurry.” Sonny Ray nodded in the form of a question.
“Your friend there might arrive before you do,” Dwayne said pointing into the westerly skies.
Sonny Ray laughed. “It more than likely will,” Sonny Ray said. “You think so?” Dwayne asked “Hey man, he has no stop signs, and no cops,” Sonny Ray said.
“I’ll be seeing you Sonny Ray.”
Sonny Ray waved, and slowly drove away. Dwayne watched his friend until he made his turn to get on interstate ten. He glanced upward.

The black eagle dream pressed on.

Cyrus would have been proud of his son.

Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 61

Two weeks had passed. Sonny Ray sat on the couch watching an animated movie with his now sleeping daughter. The phone rang. Nikko, who was upstairs packing a few boxes, answered the cordless phone. She looked over the railing and signaled to her husband that he had a call. Sonny Ray gently laid his daughter on the couch. After placing pillows strategically next to his little girl, he quietly slipped upstairs to take the call. “Who is it?” Sonny Ray whispered. Nikko smiled at her husband. “Dwayne.” Sonny Ray’s eyes lit up. “Dwayne how are you?” “Hey Sonny Ray, I’m fine, how are you doing?” “Everything is coming along. The house is currently in escrow, and we’ve been packing. Oh, and my attorney called me yesterday. Evidently the city of Antelope Springs wants to settle with me quickly, so we should be getting a settlement proposal soon,”
Sonny Ray said smiling. “I’m glad to hear that,” Dwayne replied.
“So how is everything in Antelope Springs?” “Things are settling down. The mayor is still shopping for a new chief of police. The temporary guy from Missouri didn’t pan out, Darren what’s his face,” Dwayne said. “Oh really?”
“Yeah, he couldn’t pass the lie detector test, so they let him go. Oh, and Bob is still sitting in jail at the moment,” Dwayne said.
“Really? How did he manage that?” Sonny Ray asked. “Well if he had kept his big mouth shut the judge would have allowed him to post bail. But he kept getting louder, and belligerent so the judge held him in contempt.”
“Wow, well good for him,”
Sonny Ray said sarcastically. “So how is the black eagle doing in sin city?” Dwayne asked. Sonny Ray laughed. “Well it has all the birds shook up, that’s for sure. Not to mention all the cats and small dogs.”
“Well, I don’t want to keep you, so I better get off this phone, I have to go into town. Please keep me posted Sonny Ray, and say hello to your family for me,” Dwayne said.
“No worries bruh, i will. Give my best to Nadia, and Natalia okay?”
“I will,” Dwayne replied.
“Take care Dwayne, I’ll be talking to you.” Sonny Ray hung up the phone. He was was happy to be leaving Las Vegas. He felt a twinge of regret in regards his new friend Dwayne. Sonny Ray was friendly with most everyone, but he didn’t make friends easily. The fact of the matter is, his wife was his only friend. It was a trust factor, one that had been seared from his physiological profile. In his heart however, he knew he had a friend in Dwayne. And that was the hard part. He had to go, wanted to go, dreamed about returning. Yes, there was no turning back; friend or no friend. This was the story of his life. Sonny Ray headed down the stairs to check on little Raye. He sat down to resume the movie. As he reached for the remote, the phone rang. Sonny Ray stopped short, as he looked upward waiting for his wife to appear. She smiled down at him. He sighed. He quickly headed upstairs. “It’s not my mom is it?” Nikko had placed her hand over the receiver. “It’s a Dr. Campbell, from Tucson. He needs to be speak with you about, well I’ll let him tell you,” Nikko said, handing him the phone. He took the phone from her hand, and sat quietly at the top of the stairs. He paused for a moment to gather himself. “Hi, this is Sonny Ray.” “Hello young man, I imagine you remember who i am.”
“Yes sir, i do,” Sonny Ray replied.
“The reason i called Sonny Ray was to let you know something that your father had whispered to me before he slipped into a coma.
I apologize for not telling you sooner. I only remembered because i was reviewing your dad’s medical report, and I came across it in the notes.” “Dr. Campbell it’s okay, please, there’s no need to apologize really,” Sonny Ray said, reassurance in his tone. Sonny Ray pushed up against the wall for support. “I have it written down somewhere here in your dad’s file. Hmm. Bear with me.” There was a long pause of silence. Sonny Ray could hear the sound of papers being shuffled.
“Oh yes, here it is. Your father said, and I quote, he said, ‘Tell my son, tell Sonny Ray, I have seen the black eagle dream,’ end of quote,”
Dr. Campbell said firmly.
The young man was speechless. “Does that ring a bell, or make any kind of sense to you?” Dr. Campbell asked. Sonny Ray was too stunned to reply. “Young man are you there?”
“Uh yeah doc I’m right here,” Sonny Ray was reeling. “You know I have no idea what he meant by that,” Sonny Ray said, lying smoother than a Wall Street insider. “Well, I wanted you to know his last words,” Dr. Campbell said gently.
“I appreciate you for taking the time to call me doc, okay, thank you. Take care Dr. Campbell.”
Sonny Ray hung up. He sat there quietly for several moments with his eyes closed. He gently tapped his forehead with the antenna of the cordless phone.
Sonny Ray said his father’s last words aloud, in the hope that it might produce a miraculous epiphany. He continued to speak his father’s words in a slow, soft spoken mantra. Slowly he opened his eyes.

Sonny Ray didn’t have a clue.

He thought of Cyrus. He thought about his dad. He wondered if his mom had told his father about Cyrus. He was doubtful.
Sonny Ray began to recall what Cyrus had asked him, that night in the hogan. Cyrus had asked him if he had seen the black eagle. The old man had asked him twice. He had given Cyrus the correct answer when he had finally understood the question; and acknowledged seeing the black eagle in his dreams. That was the key. ‘Tell my son, tell Sonny Ray I have seen the black eagle dream.’ His father’s last words reverberated in his mind. Sonny Ray’s eyes began to well up.
He blinked, as warm tears rolled noiselessly down his face. Sonny Ray whispered his father’s last words. “‘Tell my son, tell Sonny Ray; I have seen the black eagle dream.’
Yeah dad, me too, me too.”

Thank you for reading
Black Eagle Dream.