Black Eagle Dream 


Chapter 7

Badr looked intently into the dead eyes of the large German killing machine. Badr had heard several eyewitness accounts of this large man in battle. The dead soldier sat slumped forward in quiet repose as the red orb of light faded slowly beyond the horizon of sand.
By the gunshot wounds and extreme violence used to stop this behemoth, Badr knew it could only be the quiet but imposing native hawaiian. Cyrus burying his countrymen it evoked feelings of great respect of the large hawaiian. He was anxious about seeing Cyrus again. Badr and the four men would load the personal effects of their fallen countrymen and other salvageable items in the morning. The small group hoped to close the distance in the day ahead. They would grieve into the night. After that would ride with the lust of revenge blowing like the wind to their backs. Badr estimated that they were perhaps a half day behind. The four men Badr had brought from Morocco were of the Tuareg people. They were fierce warriors dressed in splendid attire, and very anxious to meet the cowards who had shot their relatives in the back.

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