Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 56

Captain Edwards had just about finished cleaning out his desk. He had taken down his various awards from the paneled walls of his spacious office. The dusty shadows left by the many framed certificates reminded him of Hiroshima, Japan for some reason. He recalled having seen a book filled with the images of devastation; that had been thrust upon the Japanese people. The blast delivered upon the civilian population was so powerful that it captured the shadows of inanimate objects, and cast them upon the ground for the world to see. Shane felt downcast himself. An atomic bomb had landed on his world, and his life had been laid bare for the entire country to see. He finished packing his boxes, and began to load them up in his jeep. After loading the last box, he locked his vehicle. He was returning to his office to retrieve his laptop, and several files, when Bob stepped out of the shadows of the now empty, and quiet parking lot. “Shane, it’s me Bob.” Shane stood at the rear of his vehicle waiting for Bob. Shane initially was startled, but as Bob came closer Shane could feel his blood pressure rising. Shane could smell the whiskey on his breath as Bob stood in the parking lot. “Shane, I, I fucked up, I can’t believe this is happening to us.” Bob was at a loss for words. Shane looked down, shaking his head slowly. “Bob I have been telling you for sometime now to leave the natives alone, but hell now your own want your head on a platter, and I don’t blame them,” Shane said bitterly. Bob nodded, silently acknowledging the rightfulness of his words. An awkward quiet ensued. “So where are you headed?” Bob finally asked. “I have a sister in Oregon, and she has a spare room so I think I’ll go there for awhile until I get things straightened out,” Shane said, his words trailing away. “So what about you Bob, what are your plans?” Sadness was laced in his voice. “I don’t rightly know at the moment. I hear Texas or Missouri are always looking for experienced cops, but I haven’t made up my mind,” Bob said. “Well whatever you decide I would appreciate that you not cause anymore problems for me. I agreed with Mayor Meekham, and the City council to speak at their town hall meeting tomorrow in exchange for a more lenient outcome, so don’t fuck this up for me Bob,” Shane said bluntly. Bob was sobering up to the moment. “Well, by god if that’s how you feel, I’ll just head home, and be on my way first thing in the morning. Before I go though I want to give you something.” Bob pulled out his service revolver. Shane turned two shades whiter than he already was. Bob saw the fear in his eyes. “Relax Shane. ” Bob handed him the pistol. Bob fumbled in his jacket pocket. He pulled out his badge and handed it to Shane. “Oh, before I forget, I have some of your things from the house.” Shane opened the passenger door of his vehicle. He produced a medium size box and handed it to Bob. “Well I guess this is it then,” Bob said, holding the box. “I guess so,” Shane said curtly. Bob turned without a word, walking away into the darkness, leaving Shane to stand there alone in the cold evening of night.

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