Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 55

It was just a few ticks past midnight. Bob had spent the afternoon drinking, and had put a real dent in this newest bottle of whiskey. Empty beer cans, and a shot glass were his only companions.
Bob had thrown his army footlocker, and a few medium sized boxes into the trunk of his car earlier in the day. Bob now sat at the little dinette table engaged in a full on pity party. He had placed his service revolver on the table next to his badge. He had put his big hog on the front seat still wrapped in the oily rag a few minutes ago. Bob sat lamenting the one constant in this equation, and that was the fact that he should of listened.
Shane had warned him many times about wearing the bracelet on duty. More importantly Shane had pleaded with him to leave the native community alone. Right now though, Bob could give a shit about that. He flipped his cigarette butt out the wide open door of the travel trailer. He glanced out the back window, looking at the alfalfa field. The farmer had to pick up the remainder of the large rolls in the next day or two. Six hours earlier, the skyline had been an earthy fire red, as the darkness marched time; allowing the fire to dance across the horizon; transforming as a mirage like mural; one that slowly melted away into the darkening amphitheater of the Arizona skies.

To Bob, it was just another day.

He scanned the tree line through blood shot eyes. Bob had gotten careless. ‘Notah, and his damn harwaiian friend had gotten over big time.’ That thought continued to run in his mind over and over again. He drank another shot. The whiskey burned as it went down, causing what little reasonableness he possessed, to flee the scene.
The local police had dialed down the search. To a man they all knew where he was. They had no intention of arresting him, but they played the role to pacify their community constituents,
and to remain committed to the continuous nationwide facade of transparency. They had a few feds posted up, but they were too busy shopping for gifts for their wives, and their various girlfriends in this country or that city. Bob would only be apprehended if he stayed in town much longer. He knew he had to make a move. He had to sober up. He had to talk to Shane. He to make room in the trunk of his car for some supplies. This was war.

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