Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 54

Nadia sat alone at her desk. With the exception of her green desk lamp, and the mesmerizing white light eminating from her laptop,
it was darkish in her small office. Her three friends had all left to
get some sleep. All of them were concerned for their personal safety. Dwayne had reminded
her to set the alarm, and check
the doors and windows. ‘How odd to be more concerned about the police, either assaulting you or killing you, then the so called criminal element.’ Nadia dismissed those thoughts for the time being, as she pushed to put the final touches on the third and final installment of her expose’.
Sonny Ray’s picture dominated the front page. Standing somber he stood tall with his muscular torso, as he held his faded blue jean shirt open; exposing the left side of his rib cage which was swollen, purple,
and blackened. He also had received a gash that had divided his left eyebrow; like an invisible border in nations of one people.
The recovery of the silver bracelet however, was the proof that this assault had actually occurred. That and the DNA of officer Bob’s blood recovered from both the bracelet, and Sonny Ray’s clothing.
Video would have been more damning, but Nadia knew that this third piece of the puzzle would be more than enough to show these two so called good cops,
the proverbial door.
She sat listening to the news,
as a wild haired politician spoke of greedom, that is, freedom. Nadia thought the words, ‘indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all,’ was just a tad fucking sketchy, and as such; considered it just to be one of
the countries many heirlooms of hypocrisy. Nadia contemplated. She yawned, and stretched. She stood wearily, and closed her laptop. She decided to get some rest. Tomorrow was going to be interesting to say the least.

Four hours later Nadia was abruptly awakened to this….

“Nadia, wake up. Do you hear me? Nadia wake your ass up,” Natalia barked into the intercom. “Uhh, what, who is this?” Nadia asked softly from sleepy land. “Nadia, this is Natalia. Please get your flat ass up, and open the door right now. And mami don’t forget to shut off that loud ass security system of yours,” Miss New York asked sweetly.
Nadia sat up slowly. After a moment she let her annoyingly zealous east coast friend in. After making coffee Natalia sat with her editor discussing the strategy for the day. Soon the phones began to sing. Nadia took a shower as Natalia volunteered to cook breakfast.
Natalia had called Dwayne. He, and his ever hungry friend Sonny Ray were in route. Soon the foursome sat eating, joking and discussing a few options, in the event officer Bob wasn’t apprehended before the town meeting.
As the morning wore on, the facts began to filter through to the shell shocked community of Antelope Springs. The ax was reluctantly ordered to be sharpened. The Mayor, and the City council had met in a special early morning session. This was generally only done during an emergency session, as it pertained to deciding upon the planned route for an evacuation during fire season. Naturally people in the community began to gather at City Hall, wanting answers, and inadvertently they began rubbing shoulders with the local, and global media outlets, known for weaving finely constructed tales; zombie like fantasies for those inclined to feast upon mindless calories. Someone in City Hall had leaked to the media of the special morning session, so they were setting up, jostling with their competition for the best spot to film, and be noticed for a question or two. Though an official announcement would be given the following day, no one wanted to be caught slipping, so the vigil was on.

The following morning the scheduled announcement was delivered.

In the face of overwhelming public opinion, the relentless scrutiny of the media; and of course lastly, the actual misconduct of the two police officers, the Mayor, Morton Meekham asked for the resignation of Captain Shane Edwards. He would plead on an obstruction charge in order to have several other charges dropped. He would keep his pension, receive a letter of recommendation one year from his resignation. If you factor in the plus or minus five percentage points for blanco privilege, this would generally result in the mandatory probation scenario, and just a great inconvenience to Shane’s life.
Officer Bob, on the other hand was in deep shit. When Bob was apprehended, he was done. Badge, gun, career over. After formal charges, he was to then be arrested for assault, of a private citizen under the color of office. There were several other charges pending from previous assaults, including Dwayne’s cousin. And last but not least, the ill advised tryst with the blonde teenager. This charge was being hard pressed by the Pastor, whose son of course was photographed receiving mucho tongue from officer Bob. The hollow legged media spent the day as journalistic bounty hunter’s, in search of the elusive officer Bob. He had not been seen nor heard from since yesterday morning. Bob had not called into the police station, and was considered
A.W.O.L. .
However, at this point in time it mattered little.

“Cheers.” Dwayne clinked a plastic cup of ginger ale with his three friends. The two men had left the champagne at Dwayne’s house, thus the shift in libations. Nadia smiled at Dwayne. “Cheers to you Dwayne Notah, and thank you, for everything,” Nadia said quietly, clinking plastic cups with Dwayne. Before Dwayne could respond Nadia stepped forward, and slowly gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Oh, thank you,” Dwayne said stammering. Natalia and Sonny Ray stood smiling at their friends.
Sonny Ray would see officer Bob for the first time since the assault. Natalia was now busy taking care of the morning dishes. Nadia and Dwayne were involved in a hush of a conversation, so naturally Sonny Ray slipped out the back door to partake of some herbal refreshment. In less than three minutes Dwayne sat on the other end of the porch with Sonny Ray. The two men sat quietly practicing the long standing intertribal tradition of puff, puff, pass. “Hell of a day my friend,” Dwayne said finally. Sonny Ray blew out a really long stream of smoky colored cream, and then passed it to Dwayne. “Yeah it was kind of cool right? I never expected Andy Warhol to visit me here in Arizona though,” Sonny Ray said. “Yeah well fifteen minutes is better than nothing I suppose. By the way, are you concerned about tomorrow bro?” Dwayne asked.
“Yeah, a little, but I figure his pride is telling him to make a showing, but I don’t know if he has the balls to even show up at the town hall meeting on friday, he knows their hunting him, I figure the cops will catch up with him tonight, but it’s hard to tell with officer Bob.” Sonny Ray looked at Dwayne and started laughing. “What?” Dwayne said smiling even harder now. “Bro you haven’t stopped smiling since we got here, you know that right?”
“Whatever Sonny Ray,”
Dwayne said, feigning to be offended. Sonny Ray passed the cannabis back to Dwayne.
Dwayne inhaled a little more than usual, and broke out into an impromptu strawberry cough fest. Sonny Ray fell out laughing. He stood up and looked down at Dwayne who remained sitting. “Dwayne, I haven’t known you very long but I do know one thing; you my friend are in love,” Sonny Ray said quietly as he turned the door knob to go inside. “Sonny Ray where are you going?” Sonny Ray looked back at him, smiled and said, “Bro, I’m kind of hungry.” Dwayne gave Sonny Ray an incredulous look. He was about to cap on his friend when Sonny Ray closed the door. Dwayne inhaled slowly, and sat quietly. He knew it was true, he was falling in love. But his mind had not as of yet been able to fully process this exhilarating feeling. He stood up and headed inside, anxious to see Nadia for some reason.

The black eagle sat atop a five hundred year old ponderosa pine. The mighty tree stood alone, located on the edge of a large open field of purple lupine, and lush green grasses. Hummingbirds buzzed about, keeping the wheel of it’s world in perfect balance; and splendor. People had come and gone through generations of time, but the tree remained.
Blacktail deer, and elk were
often seen feeding there.
The black eagle dream
sat on high; observing
four humans.
As complicated, and challenging as life was for these fragile creatures; the black eagle dream instinctually knew it’s assignment; as it had rested for millennia; upon the arm of a mighty spirit messenger in heavenly places.
As an oft used emissary, it would now remain as constant companion to Sonny Ray Keali’iwahamana; for to him it was to be revealed the decree, of the
black eagle dream.

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