Black Eagle Dream

imageChapter 49

As in many battles, the element
of surprise is the sine qua non to victory. George Armstrong Custer knew this, as he had slaughtered many native inhabitants of these lands in their sleep. The media of his time dubbed him an indian fighter, but in truth he preyed primarily upon old men, women, and small children, in his brief,
self serving existence upon the planet.

unlike Custer,
understood the value of teamwork, and did not fight this battle for personal glory.
Nadia and Natalia were the young, and educated, the new warrior society, merging their respective cultures for a common cause.
As a team, they manned their computers, phones, laptops, and
fax machines; interacting with various social media accounts and outlets, sucking down their Starbucks with the best of them.
However, they waged and ancient war, with much different weapons, as they fought the status quo of being relegated to a mascot or hyper-sexualized in some ridiculous halloween outfit for the young and the tasteless.
These two women had worked all night editing and would release the first story on their website
post haste. They also had a friend, Wes over in neighboring Williams, who was a retired printer, and editor, who had been owner operator of his own homegrown paper back in his hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He would print their quarterly paper at cost, but he didn’t care, it gave Wes the feeling of having something positive to contribute.
He too, had been up all night, burning that midnight oil. The first of the three stories would drop today, now. The three part story would be released concurrently, like the last three nails in the coffin of this poster child of what’s wrong in law enforcement today.
The first issue, would be directed at of course, local law enforcement. The quarterly paper would be in various markets around town in thirty minutes. College coffee shops, would soon be abuzz. This little sleepy town would soon awaken, much the way a hornets nest would react under an unexpected attack. Dwayne had uploaded all the pictures from tonight’s highly successful stake out onto Nadia’s computer. The foursome all chimed various quips for the next fifteen minutes or so; highlighting Bob’s strengths and inadequacies as an alpha male. Nadia and Natalia never really picked up any vibe from Bob on their gaydar, or Captain Shane for that matter, but whatever. It’s not like they rubbed elbows with them on the daily. Perhaps cops in small towns didn’t think it prudent, to come out, but that was their business, Nadia thought.
Nadia, and many of the surrounding native communities had a vested interest in seeing these two corrupt cops out of their country. They had discovered the identity of the teen aged lust interest of Officer Bob.
It came from a most unexpected source. Natalia, a staunch member of a prominent church, recognized the young man. He was an altar boy. The killing thing, was not only was he an altar boy, but his daddy was the Pastor. Natalia sat quiet.
A look of confusion and disgust was mingled in her eyes. “I don’t know man, I just don’t know if I want to deal with all that,” Natalia said to no one in particular. Nadia on the other hand was at the moment, not overly concerned with her friends spiritual dilemma. Nadia knew once the story of the under aged young man became common knowledge, it would finish officer Bob in Arizona. In addition to him losing his job Nadia hoped the prosecutor would push for some jail time. However she was realistic. Nadia knew more often than not bad cops often walked with little to no jail time.
But in the end, getting that brute out of Antelope Springs would be a victory to both native and non native alike. Dwayne and Sonny Ray had left to get a shower, and make some phone calls. Natalia was knocked out on the couch. She woke up shortly after Nadia had gotten into her small office shower/ bathroom. Natalia left a sticky note on Nadia’s computer. She was running to her apartment for a hot shower, and a quick nap too. Nadia sat at her desk with a towel turban that embraced her long black hair.
She had set the alarm, and sat on the cozy couch sipping some hot chai. She remembered sitting down on the couch, and drinking her hot chai. After staying up over twenty four hours the chai was like a warm blanket on a cold night.

Two and half hours later her eyes began to reluctantly flutter.
The sound of her office phone, and her cell phone jolted her into a semi attentive state.
The first volley had landed, and a clap of thunder in the busy little town, reverberated in the mountains of northern Arizona.
The tide had now
in favor
the home team.

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