Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 48

Dwayne and Sonny Ray had been sitting in the tree line for the last four hours. The two men had been observing the small mobile home park that was adjacent to a narrow tract of land. The two men had come for the last two nights. The rotund policeman had been evidently staying away. Dwayne had a digital video recorder, and another camera with a large zoom lense. He had mounted both to tripods. The two men sat scattered in the tree line approximately twenty feet apart. A small backpack of goodies would keep the two men occupied. Dwayne had brought some fancy folding chairs. Dwayne was an amateur photographer so he would man the camera. Sonny Ray sat with a mouthful of sunflower seeds. A small pile of husks was growing on the ground where he sat. The last three days had thus far proven uneventful. It was around 1:30 in the morning. Dwayne yawned as he stood up to stretch a little. Sonny Ray had walked over to a nearby tree to relieve himself. Dwayne glanced over at the tiny trailer park. A set of headlights appeared at the entrance of the heavily wooded park. Dwayne followed the lights with his eyes as it weaved through the tiny park. The old car suddenly came to an abrupt stop. The brakes squeaked again as officer Bob put the vehicle in park, and shut it off. The old car chugged a few times, then it was quiet. “Sonny Ray we got company.” Officer Bob opened the door of his car. It creaked in protest. Officer Bob slammed the door. From where the two men stood it sounded loud. He could hear Bob’s footsteps crunching in the pea gravel that was his front lawn. The sound of keys could be heard. The surprise came when they heard the passenger door creak open. It subsequently closed as additional foot steps could be heard. The two men looked at each other smiling like fifth graders. They stood quietly behind their tripods. Sonny Ray began to record as Dwayne excitedly clicked a few shots off. “Oh shit,” Dwayne said as a young man came around the front side of the car. He began a rapid fire of shots at the two men. The young man looked nothing Bob in dress or build. Officer Bob opened the door of his trailer. The young man briefly looked around as he followed closely behind Bob. He had the stereotypical look of a preppie rich kid with a surfer haircut. Abercrombie and snitch
for sure. Through his lense
Dwayne could see Bob, who
was now closing his yard sale curtains of his two front windows. “Damn,” the two men muttered under their breath. They were about to pack it up when the curtain closing, stopped. Officer Bob was not overly concerned about the back windows facing the thin tract of land, and the dark forest. “Bob, Bob, Bob, your getting careless in your old age,” Dwayne said as he clicked off a couple of quick shots. Sonny Ray and Dwayne had the best seats in the house for this all American love fest. It didn’t take the two very long to start the show, as officer Bob grabbed the young man roughly, and pulled him close. Officer Bob had not shaved for several days which starkly contrasted against the soft milky skin of the young man with the thin blonde hair. Dwayne wasn’t complaining though, as the youngster showed up nicely in the lense of his fancy camera. Bob began nibbling on the young man’s ear. Dwayne began to talk as his shots clicked away. If you didn’t know better you might have thought Dwayne was on a model shoot. “Beautiful Bob, you go Bob, nice, that’s it big boy, and oh hell no Bob not the tounge in the ear shot,” Dwayne said smiling broadly. Bob stopped suddenly; taking the young man down the four foot hallway into the bedroom. The bedroom curtain was pulled shut.
It was nearly three in the morning. Dwayne figured he wouldn’t get any meaningful shots. The two men packed it up. They slipped quietly into the woods. After locating the fire break they walked for a ways until locating his jeep. Dwayne and Sonny Ray headed over to Nadia’s small newspaper. They knew the two women would still be up working on their story. The two men were ecstatic, whooping and yelling, and just generally carrying on like a couple of freshman going to their first college kegger. Dwayne did not recognize the young man at the trailer, but once they loaded everything up on Nadia’s computer, perhaps the two ladies might by chance recognize who he was. Dwayne pulled around back deciding to err on the side of caution. The two men approached the back door. Dwayne stepped up on the small porch, and knocked quietly. Natalia suddenly drew back the curtain and gave her best Michelle Rodriguez glare. After seeing Dwayne she smiled sweetly and promptly opened the door. “Dwayne what’s cracking my brotha?” Natalia asked with her east coast attitude in full effect. Dwayne and Sonny Ray smiled. They all began to laugh. “Well hello to you Natalia, how is everything?” Dwayne asked with an exhausted smile. “It’s really coming together Dwayne, for real. You guys come in, Nadia is in her office, and we had a couple of pizzas delivered about fifteen minutes ago. Drinks are in the ice box, so help yourself,” Natalia said, starting to sound like an airline hostess. “Thank you,” the two men said in unison. Sonny Ray ever the chow hound, peeled off towards the kitchen. Dwayne continued to follow Natalia to Nadia’s office. “Hey girl we got company,” Natalia called out. “Oh good, hi Dwayne how are you, cause you look like shit,” Nadia said smiling excitedly. Dwayne equaled her smile. “Well thank you I definitely feel like I look,” Dwayne said. “Sit down please,” Nadia urged. She walked around her desk and sat quietly, waiting. Sonny Ray and Natalia came down the hallway, engaged with laughter and celebration. After a very animated conversation over some pizza and cold drinks; Nadia knew that she finally had her two favorite cavalry men in her sights, and they had inadvertently boxed themselves into a dead end canyon. There would be no escape this time.

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