Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 47

Dwayne and Sonny Ray sat at the kitchen table drinking some coffee. Both men had been engaged in telephone conversations. Dwayne was discussing strategy with Nadia while Sonny Ray caught up with his wife Nikko, and his daughter little Raye. “So how is your family getting along Sonny Ray?” “Nikko is good but little Raye is missing her daddy. I told them I hoped to be home in a few days. Nikko informed me that she is willing to move to the big island, so I’m really stoked to get back to Vegas, and get things going.” Sonny Rays voice began to trail off. “Hey that’s great man,” Dwayne said feigning to be happy. The men sat quietly drinking coffee. “So what’s the plan for tonight bro?” Sonny Ray asked. “Well, while Nadia and Natalia put the final touches on their three pronged news exposition, you and I will be staking out officer Bob’s travel trailer over in white trash heaven tonight.” “Cool. What about Captain Edwards?” Sonny Ray asked. “I think the good Captain is way more cautious than his boyfriend. While your taking a shower I promised Nadia I would stop by her office so we can discuss our strategy to make sure we are all on the same page.” Dwayne stood up, anxious to get this day started. “I should be back in about an hour Sonny Ray.” Sonny Ray nodded as Dwayne headed out the door.
“Hey Dwayne watch yourself out there.” Dwayne looked back at his friend. “I will.” Dwayne opened the door to his truck. As he was about to sit down a large shadow crossed over the hood of his truck. He stood up as the large black eagle flew to, and landed high atop a ponderosa pine. Dwayne smiled. Even though Cyrus was gone, it was like he wasn’t. He missed that old man. The large predator sat high atop the tree next to the house. “Keep an eye on Sonny Ray until I get back.” The large eagle peered down at Dwayne. Dwayne backed out of the driveway slowly looking up at the black eagle once again. Dwayne headed down the road only a couple of miles when his cell phone rang. It was Nadia. She was getting a little cagey, anxious for Dwayne to arrive so they could cut the ribbon on this thunderstorm, and shake this little mountain town to its core. Dwayne assured her he would be there in about twenty minutes. He hung up, and focused on the shadow laden road. You never knew when a white tail deer might jump up and be in the middle of the road. Dwayne had been cruising along at a nice clip. He looked into his rear view mirror. Dwayne observed a small red light blinking atop an older vehicle. It began to gain on Dwayne. Soon the older vehicle was on his ass, tailgating for a half mile or so. Dwayne continued to observe the vehicle. It finally dawned on him. It was that creep officer Bob. The last Dwayne had heard Bob had been suspended, and was on paid administrative leave. Of course, he knew that didn’t mean anything. Dwayne decided to play it safe. He turned on his indicator, and gradually slowed onto the shoulder of the highway. Officer Bob was not in uniform as he exited his 1973 Buick tornado. He was wearing an under sized straw cowboy hat. Bob had stolen it from an older Mexican man who had the great misfortune of crossing paths with officer Bob. Dwayne watched from his side mirror as Bob strode in a huff. This was no social call. Dwayne could see that; as clearly as the nickel plated .357 magnum long barrel strapped to the suspended officer of law. Officer Bob approached Dwayne’s vehicle, and slammed his open palms on the drivers side window. Dwayne slowly rolled down his window. Officer Bob was visibly upset, his breathing labored.
“I need to know right now,”
Bob paused to catch his breath. “I need to know where that big buck harwaiian friend of yours is, and I need to know right this minute.” Officer Bob stood with his hands on his hips, his righteous indignation flaring white hot now. “What do want with Sonny Ray?” Dwayne asked trying not to sound indignant. “I got a bone to pick with him. I just had a friend of mine stop by, my good friend Billy Bob Botkins. He showed up at my trailer this morning sporting a shiner and a fractured jaw. He told me some naked Indian with a perm socked him in the jaw while he was out hunting coyotes. I figured it must be your new friend, that Sonny Ray feller. Officer Bob was seething murder and hate. Dwayne could see it in his eyes. “I have not seen him, but if I do I will tell him to stop by your office,” Dwayne said with a dead pan face. “Don’t sass me boy,” officer Bob snapped. Bob was pissed, but even he knew if he did something stupid he would be done in this town. “You tell that curly haired bastard for me that no one, no one messes with my friends. You got that Navajo Joe?” As Bob turned to leave he feinted as though he would punch Dwayne. Dwayne flinched. He had been assaulted by officer Bob a couple of times in previous stops. Officer Bob laughed as he sauntered back to his bucket of bolts. Dwayne watched Bob from his rear view mirror. Officer Bob pulled his car onto the roadway. As he went by he flipped Dwayne off, flashing a three dollar smile. Dwayne took a deep breath. He had to be careful now. He pulled onto the shadowy road, and drove to Nadia’s office. Things were becoming more urgent now.

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