Black Eagle Dream

imageChapter 43

Not counting the last stand of Custer, which was exposed as a big pile of horse poo in the pastures of imagination of history buffs everywhere; Nadia couldn’t recall a time that she felt so much joy about the news she had just received. Apparently, in an unauthorized stop, officer Bob had misplaced a piece of his jewelry, and it now had fallen into the possession of her friend Dwayne. Nadia was formulating a plan to turn up the heat on these so called law enforcers. Other news began to trickle in from City hall. Evidently there were other allegations being brought, and laid at the feet of the rotund little subordinate of Captain Shane. Additionally, Officer Bob was being investigated for sexual misconduct with a minor.
Nadia dialed up her officer of war, to give her an update. Prior to Dwayne calling her from Gallup,
she had sat alone in her quiet office, dejected. Now she was up and ready. She began calling various associates in the community. She had a few supporters from within the political arena, and a couple of reporters, but more importantly the native communities
in and around northern Arizona. Dwayne had given her the details as told to him by Sonny Ray. She was pleased that Dwayne had taken several pictures of Sonny Ray, and his broken ribs. He had several bruises, and scrapes but his ribs were the concern. Dwayne had taken a real damning picture of Sonny Ray holding the bracelet as it dangled for all to see. Natalia had just called. They were going for some ‘ndn’ tacos at this little spot down the way, and after that they wanted to hit a little trendy spot where they could have a glass of wine, and partake of a little cannabis with their lawyer friends. Nadia wasn’t a cross dresser like ol J. Edgar Hoover but damnit, she was going to find a way to get her man. That was a promise. Tonight they would unwind. In the morning it was war. The two men had left Gallup, and were bound for Antelope Springs. As they drove along they began to discuss their plans in how they we’re going to deal with officer Bob. Arizona was literally an inferno. It seemed everywhere they looked the smoke of two forest fires raged, and filled the sky with grey billowy clouds of impending destruction. “Sonny Ray do you recall when you first showed me officer Bob’s bracelet?” Sonny Ray glanced over at his friend. “The reason I ask that is because I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for over two years now.” Sonny Ray sat up a little now. “Why, what happened?” Sonny Ray asked. “Well, a little over two years ago officer Bob pulled over my cousin Sterlin on a lonely stretch of interstate forty. Officer Bob claimed that my cousin resisted arrest. Officer Bob ended up putting a choke hold on him. As a result, my cousin suffered brain damage as well as spinal and neck related trauma. Sterlin is now on full disability. This bracelet means a lot more to me than you realize,” Dwayne said. “Don’t worry Dwayne we’ll get the bastard.” Sonny Ray was fired up now. The blood red orb that was the sun remained obscured by the ominous grey smoke filled skies of Arizona.
The black eagle sat high atop a four hundred year old ponderosa pine on the San Francisco Peaks of Antelope Springs, Arizona. It had fed upon a dove, and a small snake, and now sat content; waiting for Sonny Ray to arrive. It sat perched across a large ravine. The good captain had purchased this custom home after it suddenly had come on to the market. The old man people knew simply as Jeffie, was the designer and builder of this spacious, and elegant retreat. Jeffie had slipped on a snow covered boulder, and fell to his death into the rocky ravine. Shane sat on the couch watching the evening news. He had not noticed the black eagle as it sat across the ravine observing him, through the large windows that faced the west. Things were beginning to die down since the press conference. Shane felt pretty good about how everything was handled. The mayor was happy. Shane however, was still very upset at Bob. He had disregarded his advice, and more importantly a direct order. As his superior at work he had every right to command the respect that was due him. Shane knew he would have to break it off with Bob. The man was out of control. Shane stirred his latte. He could hear Bob snoring in the bedroom. Shane slowly smiled. He knew if Bob just settled down a little, this whole mess would go away. Bob had promised to be on his best behavior, but Bob always promised Shane that shit. He was a royal pain in the ass. They had mutually decided to stay away from their favorite night club in Phoenix, until this matter would be resolved with a hand crafted, and delicious deflection. It had been a chance meeting for both of them. Bob had come to work for him several years ago with neither of them being aware of their personal preferences. After bumping into each other at the club on a Friday night in Phoenix, they had been together ever since. They knew being in law enforcement, it was best to keep the nature of their relationship in a tight circle of two. If Bob could just contain himself, this good thing they had going; could continue. “I guess we’ll just have to see,” Shane said quietly, as he smiled, sipping his tepid latte.

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