Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 34

Dwayne had only to tie down the homemade wooden ladder on the luggage rack of his old suburban, and the three men would be good to go. Dwayne had taken out the two rows of seats in order to make a comfortable pallet for Cyrus to rest upon. Cyrus was very weak now, so sitting for the entire journey would be nearly impossible for the once powerful man. Dwayne phoned his friend Nadia Titla. She was the managing editor and owner operator of a local native quarterly paper. Nadia had named it,
‘You Are On Indian Land.’
Her phone went to voicemail, so Dwayne let her know they were heading out to Shiprock, and also where he left the spare key. He had given her the alarm code, so she was prepared. Nadia, and her coworker Natalia Rodriguez were going to house sit while he was out of town. Dwayne also told Nadia he had some big news about officer Bob. He did not elaborate but promised to fill her in when he got back to town. Nadia in fact had received the news regarding officer Bob, and his alleged assault of an native american college student attending school here in Antelope Springs. Nadia had her mocs on the ground, searching for any of those law enforcement official types. Right now they appeared to be in damage control mode. Which means they were avoiding her like small pox laden blankets. She was the proverbial thorn in local law enforcement officials side in this part of Arizona. Nadia was relentless in reporting the numerous violations of native peoples civil liberties. She had been hounding Captain Edwards for the last few years, but thus far he had been able to manipulate the system, circumventing the law at every turn. She though was undeterred, determined now more than ever to get her man, just like the F.B.I. . Dwayne set the alarm to his house, and the three men set out on this last journey for Cyrus. The large black eagle rested on the outcropping of large boulders that sat precariously balanced next to the sheer face of the canyon cliffs. It had flown for hours. It was much further ahead of the three men who drove slowly, driving upon the back of a black snake with yellow and white markings.

The black eagle dream though, had no such restrictions. Not only had it lived millennia, it had seen the best and worst of mankind come and go.
The black eagle dream was far
beyond what these short lived, and short sighted thinkers of the
modern world could possibly wrap their
greed inspired minds
For the world of the black eagle dream; it was a world

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