Black Eagle Dream

image Chapter 32

Dwayne and Sonny Ray were on the outskirts of Phoenix, as they continued north to Antelope Springs, adrift in the silence of their thoughts. Each man masked their loss behind the veiled notion that if they invested heavily on a sure thing; the low interest rate of denial, then perhaps some how they would gain valuable air miles in the blue skies of tomorrow.
However, one only had to read the fine print to know that a good deal, was a farce. There were no long term, low interest rates, no mail in rebates to be exchanged with the enemy, death.
This grim reality aside, both men
could readily appreciate that there was something that could lift a man’s spirit, and this quite naturally was the timeless institution of retribution; other wise known as pay back.
Funny how pay back is always associated with a female canine. Sonny Ray reached into his shirt pocket, and without verbalizing anything, extended his arm to Dwayne.
Dwayne smiled at his new friend, curious now. Dwayne reached out and opened his hand.
Sonny Ray dropped the silver bracelet into his palm. Dwayne looked at the bracelet trying to keep his eyes on the road. Dwayne read the front of the bracelet. “Where did you get this man?”
“I found it on the side of the road after officer Bob, you know, punted me like an under inflated football.” Dwayne nodded, flashing a sheepish smile.
“Yeah so why did you want me to see this?” Dwayne asked.”Read the other side my friend,” Sonny Ray said smiling now. Dwayne read it slowly. A long pause ensued. “Are you serious? Sonny Ray are you kidding me man? Get the hell out of here.” Dwayne was on the verge of losing control. Dwayne, who was generally a very reserved person, was now giving Sonny Ray a reason for pause. Dwayne’s eyes were big, like sand dollars; his smile perverse, scary, like Ronald Reagan’s. Dwayne had tears in his eyes, as he reread the bracelet. Dwayne and his long hair seemed to be in a convulsive state. He handed the bracelet to Sonny Ray. “Read it again for me before I wreck this truck,” Dwayne said. Sonny Ray looked at Dwayne as he held the bracelet up slowly. “It says, ‘Your lover, Captain Shane Edwards.’ ” Dwayne yelled like he had won the California lottery. “Man if I knew you were going to be so excited,
I would have gave it to you sooner,” Sonny Ray said laughing. “This my friend is a gift indeed, thank you. You have no idea.” Dwayne stated. “So fill me in on all the details,” Sonny Ray said. Dwayne composed himself. “Captain Shane Edwards is the big cheese running this town bro.” “So Captain Shane, and officer Bob are an item?” Both men nodded, smiling as they rode upon horses of recompense. However, the two men had more urgent business to attend to.
They both understood that this would have to wait for another day.
But when that day arrived,
it would be

sweet like a mango.

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