Black Eagle Dream

Chapter 24

Officer Bob sat at his desk tapping a pencil on his forehead. He was tired, but probably more agitated than anything else. Between that smart ass harwaiian and that redneck who had fell asleep at the wheel of his tractor trailer rig coming into town. By not taking adequate rest breaks, the truck driver killed an old lady. Her friends called her Toni. Her real name was Antonia Morelli. Her two cats Nick, and Dan were killed as well. Officer Bob knew the old lady. She lived about six trailers down from him.
It had been a long week. Somewhere along the way he had lost his silver bracelet. His commanding officer, Captain Shane Edwards had given it to him as a gift. They were supposed to meet later to discuss an upcoming fishing trip. Officer Bob knew it was of considerable importance that he locate it; for the repercussions of it not being found, could stir up the pot a bit. It was quitting time for officer Bob. Officer Bob had some fried chicken, corn on the cob, and some cold beer on his culinary calendar. He lived in a small travel trailer on the outskirts of town. Bob didn’t like people, particularly blacks and Indians. Come to think of it, he didn’t like anyone who wasn’t white. While on the subject Bob decided to add those Harwaiians on his list as well. Officer Bob, though not having a penchant for any thoughts of far reaching consequence; splished splashed his way through his puddle of life, wondering now and again, in the disquieting recesses of his mind; if his people were coming the new Indians, the new minority, of this the newest millennium. It might be his over active imagination, but his world kept appearing to be getting smaller and smaller.
Karma baby karma, the windward warrior chanted; as he pounded on the subliminal door leading to officer Bob’s mind.

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