Black Eagle Dream

Chapter 23
Dwayne drove back quickly to his home. He grabbed the groceries and ran around to the back. On the glass door was a note from Nikko. She and Raye had accompanied Cyrus on his morning walk. After hastily putting away the perishable items, he wrote a note about what had happened to Sonny Ray. Cyrus had no phone, and he didn’t have Nikko’s cell so a note would have to do. After closing the back door Dwayne headed back into Antelope Springs to see if he could successfully retrieve Sonny Ray from the clutches of officer Bob.

Sonny Ray rose slowly to his feet. “Come on get up,” he said, talking to himself. In spite of the pain he managed to crack a smile. He knew he should of kept his big mouth shut. “Must be the white in me,” Sonny Ray muttered as he spit blood onto the ground. It hurt pretty bad when he took a breath. Sonny Ray was certain he had two, maybe three broken ribs. As Sonny Ray was about to cross the two lane highway something in the broken grass caught his eye. It was a silver bracelet. It wasn’t of significant quality this bracelet. it was the kind you bought for someone and had their name inscribed for an extra twenty five dollars or so. Sonny Ray bent down gently to pick it up. On the inscription it read, Officer Robert L. Fritz, Antelope Springs Police Department. Without thinking he dropped it in his pocket. He had to get the hell out of this area; but as he didn’t know the town very well he had to take the chance to continue walking alongside the freeway. After walking about a quarter of a mile he heard the blowing of a horn. He turned to see Dwayne as he pulled onto the shoulder of the road. After putting on his emergency flashers, he jumped out of his jeep to get to Sonny Ray. After buckling his injured passenger in, Dwayne eased back onto the lonely stretch of road. Dwayne had anticipated bailing Sonny Ray out of jail.
Sonny Ray went in and out of consciousness. Dwayne arrived home quickly. After a tearful reunion Nikko cleaned up her husband, and with the help of Dwayne they laid Sonny Ray in the guest bedroom near the kitchen. The afternoon went along as the injured man tossed and turned in a foamy sea of distress that had no top or bottom. The pain stalked him like a hungry bear.
The black eagle flew high above; as it circled in the starry black lit night of early evening. Round and around the black eagle dream circled above the two story cabin. Cyrus opened his eyes. His son would live.
As Sonny Ray drifted in and out of consciousness; he had the strongest emotion that he could fly.
His dreams came to him like a huge ball of rumbling rubber bands of many colors; threatening to overtake him if he didn’t keep running. He was tired of running. He just wanted it all to stop.

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