Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 11

Dwayne turned off the light in his office. He had been on the computer checking his mail, and glanced at his twitter account for a minute. He wasn’t in the mood for twitter, so he decided to fix something to eat and watch the local news. He sat in his favorite chair, eating a sandwich. Dwayne was not presently in a relationship, but there was a young lady he was interested in.
He had only been back in Antelope Springs for about two and a half years. Dwayne had attended ASU down in Tempe.

He had grown up around horses and cattle, so he had chosen to go into the field of animal husbandry. After receiving his degree from ASU, he returned home. He applied for a job with the Navajo Nation. He received an offer a couple of months later after the unexpected retirement of a long time employee. Dwayne had a goal to breed horses, and eventually create a small program that would give those Dine’ children interested in horses, an opportunity to learn horsemanship, which would include caring for the horses; and farrier work as well. Dwayne was eager to see Cyrus.
At the same time, he was saddened to learn that Cyrus was very sick. He had sat in shock when Cyrus had told him over the phone that he had perhaps only a few months left to live. Cyrus dropped an even larger bombshell when he told him about his son, Sonny Ray. It was shocking because Cyrus was single as far back as Dwayne could remember. It was a lot to digest in such a short span of time. Cyrus had a few girlfriends in the past, but nothing that resulted in children. Well, as far as Dwayne knew; which was presently not much obviously. The fact that he had kept his son a secret all these years, was a feat in of itself.
Cyrus had told him he would explain everything when he arrived from Hawaii the day after tomorrow. Dwayne figured this was going to get interesting. He would also hopefully get to meet this Sonny Ray as well. Dwayne walked out onto the deck of the second floor of his new home. Dwayne loved to wake up early Saturday morning to stand on the deck, to watch the sun rise over the sacred mountains that Americans had named the San Francisco Peaks.
The three hundred year old ponderosa pines towered all around his two storied cabin. He searched the tops of the highest trees. Dwayne wondered if it was out there, sitting perched in the fading sunlight. In the past whenever Cyrus was coming to visit the black eagle would always arrive a day or two after Cyrus. Dwayne found the black eagle unsettling at times. For example, when it looked at you, you knew it, you felt it. It was as if the black eagle had observed your entire life, knowing more of you than you would like it to.
Yet Dwayne did not suffer an inordinate fear of the winged creature. Cyrus had explained to Dwayne about the things that had been revealed to him; primarily through decades of observation. Cyrus also explained the aboriginal reality of mana. In the hawaiian culture,
your mana was your spiritual power. You could gain more mana or lose it if you did not keep a firm hold of it. Mana could manifest itself in several ways. The sun faded behind the distant horizon, as a chill began to replace the fading warmth of day in the mountains of northern Arizona. Dwayne gave up his search, knowing it would be another four or five days before he would see the large black eagle. He decided to watch a movie. Dwayne placed a couple of pieces of wood into the fireplace before settling in. As he sat down in his chair, the earth traveled it’s assigned route, and the twilight slowly faded behind the San Francisco Peaks. The black eagle sat perched upon a rocky cliff, looking down at Dwayne through the large glass doors of his deck. The orange flames emanating from the river rock fireplace flickered radiantly off the cabin walls creating a fiery northern lights dance. The black eagle had arrived much earlier than in the past. Dwayne popped some popcorn and watched a movie.

The wind began to blow gently through the pines.

The night hid it’s secrets but the light lay them bare.

Always to be seen; by the black eagle dream.

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