Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 6

“Hello? Sonny Ray is that you?
Are you awake?” A voice asked softly.
“Uh yeah, who is this?” Sonny Ray asked, definitely not awake. “This is your brother Whisper.” “Oh hey Whisper, what’s up, everything alright?” Sonny Ray sat up slowly in bed, trying his best not to wake his wife. “Well I was hoping you could pick me up at my place, and maybe we could get some breakfast, and catch up. You know.” Whisper asked, thinking he would be blown off. Sonny Ray glanced at the clock radio on the nightstand. “Sure Whisper, give me a half hour. Are you still at the same spot?” Whisper said he was. After hanging up Sonny Ray attempted to swing slowly out of bed, hoping to avoid the barrage of questions that were sure to come. He was halfway to the bathroom when the first mortar volley landed.
“Who was that baby?” Nikko asked, half asleep. “That was my brother Whisper,” Sonny Ray said in a low voice, hoping to escape. Nikko sat up slowly, “Sonny Ray I know he ain’t trying to hit you up for money first thing in the morning?”
Sonny Ray looked at his wife. “We’re having a long lost brother moment, and breakfast, I don’t know, I guess we are going to try and catch up. “When I get back we are going shopping.” After a quick shower he kissed his wife, and headed out. ‘Why does someone have to die, before we break bread with our feelings?’ Nikko thought. It had been two or three years since the two brothers had seen or heard from each other. The last thing Sonny Ray heard, his brother was a bouncer, and his girlfriend a dancer at the same club. Although Whisper had fathered a daughter it hadn’t slowed or altered his lifestyle much. Whisper had spent the last ten years in and out of jail.
He appeared a man hell bent on getting himself killed, for he had a polarity like attraction with violence.
If Sonny Ray was the dark horse of his family, then Whisper was most certainly the black sheep. Whisper was an extremely fragile person inside, and like many people he masked his pain with violence, in an attempt to secure the desired outcome of any given situation.
His present problem solving techniques had proved fraudulent; as he yielded low gains in the first half of his personal portfolio; in his holdings in the game of life.
Whisper covered his fears over with a mean disposition, and a really nice left hook. Sonny Ray pulled into the parking lot of his younger brother’s beat up and run down apartment complex.
He spotted Whisper, and pulled up to where he was standing. They headed to the restaurant.The two brothers would talk now.

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