Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 5

“So it was pretty bad huh Son?” Nikko spoke consolingly to her husband. Sonny Ray looked away from his wife, trying to focus on something, anything in a feeble attempt to get his snap back. “Yeah it was tough,” Sonny Ray said finally. “The doctor said it would be a couple of minutes but it was more like fifteen minutes.” Sonny Ray paused, with a look that told you his mind was a million miles away. As the couple sat quietly, a pained look transformed Sonny Ray’s face. A mournful smile it seemed. “The old man was tough, right to the last.” Nikko knew it was important that her husband to get it all out. She held his hand as grief came barging in unannounced, and without mercy. “I told him he didn’t have to fight anymore, that we would take care of everything, all his wishes would be honored.” Tears began to well up in the normally cool, calm, and collect Nikko. “Right before he died, a single tear rolled down his cheek. The doctor said he was brain dead, that he couldn’t hear us. That’s bullshit though, he heard,
I know he did.” Sonny Ray emotionally imploded, and sank low into his chair. Nikko started to speak but checked herself, and instead rubbed his shoulders and neck. They both began to cry. Sonny Ray no longer had a father.

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