Black Eagle Dream


Chapter 4

“Sonny Ray will you look at all this crap?” Stewart yelled from the bathroom.
“What now?” Sonny Ray exclaimed as he walked down the hallway toward his brother. “Damn, dad must have seven of everything,” Sonny Ray said, looking amazed.
As he opened the door to the hallway closet they were greeted by a surplus of various household items. “Well you had best call your brother and sister, because I ain’t hauling this cache back to
Las Vegas.” Sonny Ray was trying to goad his brother. “Kiss my ass Sonny Ray,” Stewart replied, taking the bait. After the four siblings had all left home, they had slowly drifted apart. When speaking of each other they would often refer to their siblings as, ‘your brother,’ or ‘your sister.’ Their parents were not left out of the fray either. The two brothers continued to bag on each until they had exhausted all the familial repertoire in their arsenal. They knew it was an emotional diversionary tactic as the two men tried desperately tried to sidestep the pain, and the grief.
“I have never seen someone die before,” Stewart said, looking in his brothers eyes. Sonny Ray nodded. “I have, but never like the way dad went,” Sonny Ray said quietly. Stewart had called Whisper, and Michelle. They met as a group in the lobby of the hospital. They had not been together like this in several years. They road in the elevator without speaking. For the most part they all lived comfortably disconnected from one another. Over the years they had grown accustomed of not being in contact with one another for years at a time. They exited the elevator and walked the hall to the ICU. After a short wait Dr. Campbell entered the small room. He slowly closed the sliding door, and then pulled the curtains shut. He turned to face the anxious family. The nurse assigned to their fathers care stood at the head of the bed, waiting for further instructions from Dr. Campbell.

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