Black Eagle Dream

Chapter 3

Nikko stood in the doorway looking at her daughter affectionately.
Raye slept peacefully, taking her usual afternoon nap.
For whatever reason, it called to her mind when her daughter had first been born in Tucson. She began to recall when the nurse had wheeled her daughter in the room so that she could breast feed her.
“Oh, I’m sorry I must be in the wrong room,” nurse Pavlov said. “No you’re in the right room, and that is my baby, so,” Nikko said, her voice beginning to trail off. She had to have an emergency cesarean. She was weak, and groggy. The nurse reacted as though she had not heard Nikko. The nurse continued to look at the infant information card, and back at Nikko. The nurse did this several times, before wheeling the newborn up to the side of the bed. “There you go,” nurse ratchet said with an aspartame smile. Nikko could feel a small fire beginning to burn inside her. However, she took a breath, not wanting her daughter to hear any unnecessary nonsense right from the beginning of her young life. She would experience America soon enough. As the nurse prepared to leave, Nikko couldn’t resist a little condescending smile. As she began to feed her child, she watched the nurse leave her room with the swish swish sound of her white hospital dress and white panty hose echoing in her ears.
The sound of her tea pot whistling interrupted her thoughts. She stood in the kitchen waiting for her tea to seep to it’s fullest flavor. Nikko mulled over how insensitive some people could be. She knew that everyone in general, was color conscious to a greater or lesser degree. She felt though that; Americans led the charge when it came to poor race relations. She also felt it hypocritical on the part of Americans to criticize other countries for human rights violations when they have a long standing history of that themselves. Throughout her life she had heard all the simple simon rhetoric, white with white, black with black, bullshit. She poured some cream into her cup, and stirred it gently. “If only people could be like a cup of tea.”

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