The Billion Dollar Question


Why is it that you cling to painful and hurtful things; these relics of your not so distant past?

These caricatures are destructive distortions; a mockery that lives in your mind, hand crafted lies, handed down through the annuals of time.
It is intellectually antiquated, and out of step they say; but those are the hate filled lies that many continue to embrace. But now is the opportunity to look inside yourselves and see;
all the ugly things you continue to portray native people to be.

Sweet land of liberty.

The indigenous peoples of this land
are not your mascots,
for you to dress up and play; nor are they here for you to mock their culture in any other way.
So keep your honor, for your honor does not ring true; it is hollow and disingenuous coming from men like you. So either lead, follow, or get out of the way; for the time of the Mascot has had it’s day.


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