We Shall Remain

Listening to the proponents of empty and redundant speech,
I sometimes often wonder who is it they could teach? About actions that pertain to honor, to promise, and to peace. Lovers of endless debate,
inside them I do see; vanity and arrogance, wrapped up nice and neat.
‘Why now?’ they flippantly ask today. Need I recall to your simplistic mind and apathetic way; for we both know if it had been decided upon by your forefathers back in the day; none could have rode that genocidal wave. So while you feign that changing the name would break your fragile hearts, we just want you to know that to us; the truth is clear, and not so far apart.
The land below, and the sky above and everything in between, belong to the One who made all things; as this is clearly seen.
Today this day, and in this time, confident we do speak; a consensus of pronouncements for all to hear and see.
It is He; the Creator, that has placed us here today,
and it is forever here;
that we 2 shall remain.

Dedicated to indigenous, native,
aboriginal peoples wherever they might be residing, thriving, and or surviving on the planet.

A special dedication to all Native Hawaiians, living at home or abroad.
We should not have to be homeless, and living in tents on the beaches of our own country. Kawika


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