Indigenous Woman  


Indigenous woman

who resides on the earth;

without her

what would life be worth?

No clans,

no nations,

no families

to be;


from her womb
the children spring.

It is she who should be honored

not beaten or killed;

not to be left


found in a field.

The carnage has not ended,

as you clearly see;

as evil men continue to walk

with impunity.

Thousands missing or murdered indigenous women continue to be snatched away;

by an acquaintance they knew,

or someone common but strange;

as the collective voice of the few,

falls upon the deaf ears of the many.

It is you, indigenous woman

who are to dignify your value

and worth;

and no one,

absolutely no one

has the right to take that from her.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

O’ Canada, you can’t deny the genocide; 3,000 women died.

Probably more than that.

This is dedicated to the missing and murdered indigenous women of Canada.
A special dedication to the families, and their communities who have suffered such painful losses.